A5 Landscape
Slate Smooth Grey Vein Gold Text
(210 x 148 mm)


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Our house number plaques are a little different from others you may have seen. Their no metal design means that they do not suffer from rust and are not as susceptible to the ageing effects of the weather. Other similar plaques use stickers placed on the outside which will peel after a time whilst with our plaques, the text is printed directly onto the back of the acrylic. This results in a plaque more suited for long term, permanent use.
The digital multi-layer print makes the sign stand out. The print on the plaque is sealed using an all-weather varnish which is digitally placed directly behind the design. This means that your design is protected from fading and ageing from the front and the back.Stand-Offs and Fixings are supplied Free with every order.

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